Discover Copy Trading

Copy trading is an innovative tool that allows you to track and copy the trades of leading Fxmitrade traders with a wealth of tools at their disposal. Copy the best in the trading community, and benefit from their experience, expertise, and winning strategies.

Trade with a winning Strategy

There is a lot to learn for beginners entering into the trading world, and mistakes can be costly. By copy trading, you can be a passive market participant instead letting professional traders execute their strategies on your behalf. This takes some of the guesswork and early losses new traders can experience out of the equation.

Reduce your risks and diversify

Manual trading on your own can lead to higher risks as you are basing your strategy just on your own knowledge, training, and experience. When you copy trade, that risk is essentially spread out, as users can follow any number of successful traders who already have a proven track record and positive performance history. Simply pay regular attention to each strategy manager’s risk and success metrics, rather than performing time-consuming technical analysis and constantly watching charts.

Save your time. Be in control

When copy trading, much of the hard work and heavy lifting is being done for you. With Fxmitrade’s copy trading tool, you are able to effortlessly and quickly start trading like an experienced trader without spending any time on fundamental or technical analysis. Copy trading still allows you to maintain full control over risk exposure and maximum drawdown. If the trader you are copying is no longer gaining the profits you need, you can easily unfollow and move on to another one.

Why Copy Trading?


Copy trading requires no strategy, skills, or trading experience to start. It is not only an easy and effective way to trade but also an excellent way to learn from the most experienced managers while following their trading activity closely.

Copy Trading for all

Fxmitrade welcomes traders of all experience levels – from experienced career traders to novices alike. Professional traders can easily monetize their skills by allowing others to copy their strategies. The more followers they get – the more money they can make from profitable trading. New traders can bypass the pitfalls of learning markets and instead copy trade successful traders. The copy trading platform is available to any user who registers for a free Fxmitrade account.

Variety of markets

Copy trading with Fxmitrade provides access to a wide range of markets and offers as many as over 50 trading instruments under one roof. Build a better and more diverse trading portfolio while copying trades on markets such as Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices, Forex, and Commodities. All markets are also accessible via a free Icoprimex mobile trading app.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Copy Trading

How to Copy Trade with FXMITRADE


Enjoy a quick and straightforward sign-up process in just a few clicks. Simply make a 100 USD minimum deposit using Bitcoin or Mobile Payment to fund a trading account and get started. It takes less than one minute to begin your copy trading journey!

Explore available strategies

Go to the Copy Trade tab in your account section to access the copy trading tool. There, you can browse hundreds of successful traders and compare their trading performance against one another to find the best-suited trader for you to copy. All data is updated every ten minutes in real-time for the greatest possible transparency and accuracy.

Start copy trading

Choose a strategy that matches your risk appetite and investing goals, and click Follow. From this moment forward, you will enjoy the same returns as the trader you have followed, so be sure to select a trader with strong and consistent performance. You can follow multiple strategies at the same time to diversify risk and improve results.

Open an account now

It’s free to open an account, and there is no obligation to fund or trade.

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